Have I damaged my SLI motherboard, PSU or both?

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Oct 17, 2008
  1. I was swapping out my PSU and inadvertenly plugged the ez_plug as well as the ATX plug into my sli motherboard which is using just the one graphics card. Would i have inadvertenly damaged the mobo,graphics card or PSU doing this?

    In order to test the PSU does one need one of does specialised testers. I simply installed the PSU, turned on the rocker switch and using a simple voltmeter/multimeter tested the majority of pins on each plug using the com pin as ground?
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    Thanks for the update. What is meant by step 1) in that procedure:

    Unplug the leads to the case switch at the mobo and jumper them with a small piece of wire. Now turn on the main power switch at the back of the PSU. If nothing happens, we're a long way to proving the PSU is dead.

    Is this the sytem connection panel which houses the case switch, reset button and LED indicators?
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    Ask the author or wait until someone who has done it replies.

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    HDD & PSU replaced and PC working, system ok?

    The connector is for LED which can be installed in the door. I twisted ALienware's arm to answer this. On rechecking my system connection panel, i discovered my pwr switch connect was wrongly connected into the wrong slot(my fault)!I installed a new hard drive as well and my system now appears fixed and stable. I am hoping the inital problems with with system resets, usb connections and damaged file segments on HDD were to do with either the PSU or HDD. I hope the mobo is unaffected( i hope so the warranty ends in january). Any suggestions to ascertain if i need to check anything else would be helpful?
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    Just install and run on HIGHEST settings any recent game.

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    I have Medieval Total war 2, that should test my configuration
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