Having trouble configuring the new ZoneAlarm Firewall (v7) with utorrent...help??

By torrenter
Jul 7, 2007
  1. I can't seem to configure ZoneAlarm 7 to allow incoming connections, using utorrent.

    I was using PC-Cillin before this and had the same problem. The thing is, before using PC-Cillin I was using ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 6 and had no problems at all.

    At the time I'd allow utorrent full access to the "Internet Zone" and "Trusted Zone" on "Program Control" and everything was set. Now, as I'm using the basic ZoneAlarm Firewall (v7) side by side with Kaspersky Antivirus, I'm having problems.

    As before, utorrent has full access to the "Internet Zone" and "Trusted Zone". However, when using utorrent the firewall is reporting many blocked access attempts on inbound data.

    I've noticed that in "Program Control", the setting is at "Medium". This means "Programs must ask for Internet Access and server rights." This is what I would have had it set at, when using ZoneAlarm Security Suite 6. However, when I have brought the slide down to "Low" setting which means "Program is in learning mode", utorrent has increased speeds.
    The firewall however still reports many blocked access attempts.

    In "Alerts and Logs" I can see many IP address's trying to send packets via TCP and UDP through my chosen port, but they're blocked EVERY time:(
    I can't see anywhere on ZoneAlarm how to allow incoming connections through my chosen port, only while using utorrent of course. How come there's this problem in Version 7, and not in the old one? And how can I solve it? Can I?

    Help would be appreciated:grinthumb
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