HBO GO, Comcast Xfinity and MLB.TV apps now available on Xbox Live


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So what.. They've been saying for almost 5 years that they will add support for my country. Not even now there is no support.. They sell it here but in order to use it I have to lie about what country I live in.. that's just simply stupid..


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Im in the UK and more than happy with the video apps available. Got full access to my Netflix, Lovefilm and if I wanted iplayer, 5ondemand, 4ondemand and msn video.


When I heard from co-workers at DISH that I could watch every single show that HBO has ever created in HD through my console, I rushed home to see if they were right. I thankfully subscribe to HBO through DISH so HBO GO is available to me on my XBOX at no extra charge. The streaming is quick, clear and the selection of titles is nothing less than amazing.