A new update for Xbox Live is being pushed out today that includes on-demand apps for Comcast Xfinity, HBO GO and MLB.TV, bringing the total number of Live apps to 36. The latest additions are compatible with Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing device for gesture and voice control.

What initially launched as a pure gaming console for Microsoft is quickly turning into an overall entertainment hub for the entire family. PC Mag notes that entertainment usage has actually surpassed multiplayer game usage on the Xbox for the first time. Since the launch of entertainment apps, the number of hours spent on the service has increased 30 percent year to year. Microsoft says that Gold members in the US log an average of 84 hours on Xbox Live every month. Microsoft has over 40 million Gold subscribers spanning the globe.

The HBO Go app will include more than 1,300 titles including every episode of every season of HBO hit shows such as Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Blood. MLB.TV will feature live streaming of every out-of-market regular season game as well as access to all available spring training games. The archive will include all games from the 2011 season with 2012 games being added as they are played.

As with other on-demand content apps for Xbox Live and other devices, you will need to subscribe to each service if you don't already. Comcast has said that those who subscribe to Xfinity for Live won't be subject to the company's 240GB monthly data cap.