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Oct 30, 2006
  1. MY HD will reboot during startup continuously. IF I go into safe mode the last thing that loads is RECAGENT.sys, then reboot. Tried rewriting mbr thru recovery console. Does this even when installed into another computer. Please help I dont want to have to redo this HD
  2. Nodsu

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    Surely you mean that Windows reboots, not the hard drive which is just a dumb piece of equipment and has absolutely no clue about loading any files or suchlike..

    No, you cannot take a hard drive with Windows and make it boot in another computer - as a rule it won't work.

    Can you make it start in Safe mode? What did you do before the problems started? Check the hard drive for errors using the manufacturer utility?
  3. amfairall

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    Thanks for responding. Let me clarefy it for you. I will get the bios screen then a black screen then my fans will ramp down then back up again and I will get the bios screen again. It will sit and do this non stop till I turn it off. If I try and startup in safe mode I can choose my startup, it will load drivers untill it displays RecAgent.sys then it will reboot. The reason I say it will not work in another computer is that it does the exact same thing at the exact same spots.
  4. Nodsu

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    OK. If it fails the same way in both computers then either you have a bad hard drive (check the thing with the manufacturer utility) or a corrupt Windows installation (do a repair install or format).
  5. powertunez

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    NO it is not the hardware that is failing, it is the windows Operating System that is faulty, just reinstall windows and it will work normal.

    good luck.
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