HDD data recovery.

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Jan 31, 2005
  1. Hi!

    I have a problem with my HDD...
    While I was trying to install a program the drive blocked and from this time needs to be formated.

    I took this drive intoo another PC thinking that i could recover my data through another system but the same attitude from the disk apeared ....
    The disk can be seen on my computer screen as a second drive but Cant open ....says that is not formated and needs to be formated.

    Only format.

    Does anybody know how i can recover the data?
  2. Adwin

    Adwin TS Rookie

    Try mounting it from a linux live cd, or use recovery software like GetDataBack or recover4all.
  3. miketoloo

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    Take your hard disk to a reputable data recovery centre. They can access all your files using a well written data recovery software.
    Mike Toloo Sydney Australia http://mhtit.hypermart.net

  4. lukeyu

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    EASEUS DataRecoveryWizard utility can help. Speaking about me, it is
    easily able to recover deleted, lost file and unformat drive,
    The tool helped me once. So I really recommended the recover tool.
  5. Kaleid

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  6. iwebcreate

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    Easy Data Recovery Software

    It seems that there is some corruption in system area of your disk, may be partition corruption. Try Kernel Recovery data recovery software to recover your data from such case. The tools are worth the price !!. Download the DEMO and check if it shows the data from the drive giving error.
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    and I thought I was a spammer
    2 posts on old topics ,no help
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