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HDD Doesn't boots/Seagate Tools can't fix bad sectors.

By shockwave
Oct 27, 2007
  1. Ok friends, i'm having a bad time with my hdds.

    I have this 200gb seagate which i was using. It has my OS installed .. and it has 2 partitions.

    I went to sleep and kept my comp on, but i saw in the morning, that the computer had restarted and was on the pre-bios screen where it dint detect my hdd (but did detect my dvd drive).

    I switched the pc off/on and it appeared back .. i went on to boot to my windows but it again restarted.

    I tried booting into safe mode but it restarted again.

    Finally i made another attempt but this time it would just show me an error "drive read fail. Press alt+ctrl+del to restart"

    I then tried to scan my hdd with seagate hdd diagonistic tools, it detected 19 bad sectors, but when i tried to repair them it dint work, i mean it would just stay on the first sector and the text "TESTING" keeps blinking.

    I ran the scan again and the same thing happened.

    I ran the scan again but this time skipping the first one and repairing the next one, but again it kept the text "testing" blinking and sticking to the 2nd sector itself.

    I dont know why is this happening. This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks my hdd is acting up. (the 1st one died completely, suddenly). I recently fixed the bad sectors in this same hdd, but donno how it would gain so many bad sectors back again so soon. Why is this happening?

    And why doesn't the seagate tools fix the errors? (knowing that it fixed some bad sectors just past week on the same drive).

    Please help me :(

    thank you all in advance and my regards to all
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,679

    Looks like the hdd is faulty and in need of being replaced to me.
  3. Fragrant Coit

    Fragrant Coit TS Guru Posts: 345

    Bad sectors are indicative of a failing drive - you might have "fixed" the previous ones, but you'll start getting more & more.

    Save everything you can off it ASAP, and buy a new drive.
  4. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Posts: 1,412

    i agree with rik

    put a new hdd in as master then that one in as slave and see what data you can get off of it (after installing windows on the new drive)

    you may also be able to run the windows disk scan from my computer
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