HDD poofed

By j0sh4rizzle
Apr 6, 2010
  1. well a friend of mine built me a pc after my old 1 crashed n burned on me.Well this 1 is great and all only use it for css.But the ram on it is junk and a week or so agao it crashed on me .When i started it back up it said thear was a kernel dll file missing so i took out The HDD n Connected it to this computer n put the kernel dll files back in.Booted it back up then it said thears a file missing or corr sys32\drivers\ntfs.sys so i replaced that 2.Now when i boot up it say's thears no problems but after the window's xp screen comes up the next screen just goes black n the user login page wont come on i even tryed in safe mode.So if any 1 can help me plz do so i rlly need the help on my whits end with it lol
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