HDD showing up, but saying not formatted...

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May 24, 2007
  1. Ok.. kind of a long story, so please bare with me.

    I got a virus yesterday and it kept restarting my computer. Every time it loaded to the desktop, explorer would shut down and then the computer would restart. I tried to restart in safe mode and take care of it, but anytime I was able to hit F8 and get to safe mode selection, my keyboard would not work (nice design on the virus makers part). Anyway, I unhooked my slave drive (250gig) and took the jumper off my main drive, put it in the slave ide spot and used my old 30 gig that has windows on it as the main drive. I was finally able to take care of the virus.

    Now here is where my problem is.
    Now that I put the jumper back on my 80gig and its the master again, the 250 gig is recognized by windows, but it says unformatted when I click on it. There is no information on size or anything when its shown in My computer. Also I noticed that my dvd burner just has a generic name now. The 250 gig works fine in another computer, so I know that I havent lost my information or have to reformat.. Problem is Im now lost as what to do.

    Some how I think that I need to fix the issue with slave drives (the 250gig and dvd burner) but am unsure how/what to do.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Dilrod

    Dilrod TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Update: If I go into Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disc Management > Here is what I see.

    Volume Layout Type File System Status Capacity Free Space %Free
    c: Partition Basic NTFS Healthy (system) 76.33gb 30.36 39%
    D: Partition Basic **** Healthy (active) 127.99 127.99 100%

    **** Im pretty sure this used to say NTFS on it. Also I can see that there is 105.77 gb unallocated for D. IDK if that would be the part of my drive that has my old information on it, or if its the 127.99. Some how the drive has been split partitioned. So now I am really lost at what to do. I can not access anything from Explorer or my computer that is on the D drive.

    If I highlight the 127.99 part I can Format and delete partition
    On the 105.77 I can't choose those, I can only choose new partition.

    Gah.. I have so much music on this drive I dont want to lose it. (30,000+ songs) not to mention my porn :D
  3. Tedster

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    try booting straight off your Windows CD rom and attempt a repair.
    then boot directly in safemode.
    run your anti-virus (with updates) and anti-trojan horse program
    turn off system restore
    once system is clean, then reboot in normal mode
    run CCleaner registry repair
    if double sure system is clean, then turn on system restore.
  4. Dilrod

    Dilrod TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried to run a system restore, I picked three different dates, and it tells me that its unable to restore. :(

    When I put in my xp disc it tells me that the version of xp is older than what I have and wont let me do anything..

    This is really pissing me off. :(
  5. Dilrod

    Dilrod TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I ran out of ideas so I reformatted it. I am using PC inspector to try to recover as many files as possible.

    I even used the maxtor setup to try and repair, along with xp disc to no avail. The jumpers where set up right. I have to think that it happened because of the virus or Ill keep kicking myself.
  6. zipperman

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    I'm a little late to help

    You had x number of Hard drives (how Many) what sizes ?
    At this point all your data was intact.There was no reason to reformat one
    you wanted data from.( It cannot be recovered.
    All you had to do was install the one that either had Windows installed
    or one that was new or had no data you needed.
    And install 1 cdrom as Primary slave.
    Then format and install the OS as the Primary Master.
    1 at a time you then would connect the other hard drives and transfer the data to The C Drive Primary Master.Your 250 partitioned if possible.
    I think you know this and the mistakes you made.
    But a formated hard drives data is lost,don't waste money to recover this.
    Or Recover Utilities after formating.
  7. Dilrod

    Dilrod TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There is no way I could have saved my data. I had over 130 gigs of music alone, and my other hard drive is only an 80 gig with 35 gig free. My primary master drive has Xp on it. It would recognize my 250 drive, but I could not access it at all. Any time I tried it said it needed formating. So far I have been able to recover 1016 files from the drive using PCInspector. It still have about 90% of the drive to look at.
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