HDD's Not Recognized On Boot

By wlknaack
Aug 31, 2005
  1. I have Windows XP Home, with the power option set for monitor shutdown after a designated time, and standby set for a later time. When I tried to "revive" the computer, I was presented with a screen (never seen before) stating "Windows preparing for standby." There was no response to any keystroke, nor would the cursor work. After waiting for a minute or so wherein nothing changed, I shut down the computer. On boot, I was notified that neither HDD could be located. In Setup, both HDD's where listed as "not installed." Several reboot attempts produced the same results.

    Using the Windows reinstall CD, I went into Recovery Console (using it for the first time) and I noticed that drivers were automatically loaded. I ran the chkdsk command to verify the health of the system HDD. and then rebooted. The computer booted normally, and after log-in I used the device driver and verified the drivers for both HDD's. So far everything seems to be back to normal.

    Not fully understanding what happened, I have set the power option for standby to "never" for the time being. Question: Does anyone have some idea what was going on? Is there anything I need to do to prevent a reoccurrence? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. poertner_1274

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    Did you try hitting the power button for a short time, about 1 or 2 seconds? That could have brought it out of hibernation/standby. I don't use either of those settings, because I have had nothing but problems with them in the past.
  3. wlknaack

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    Reply to poertner 1274

    I did not know you could use the power switch to bring the system out of standby. Like you, I previously had trouble with the hibernate mode, so I disabled it. With my recent trouble with the standby mode, I have disabled it also. I shall continue with both modes disabled.
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