HDTV with 7800 GTX SLI

By Griffon327
Jan 12, 2007
  1. Anybody out there run 2 7800GTX video cards in SLI and play games on a HDTV?
    Running a Dell XPS 600 and HDTV was not an option until formatted system and installed NVIDIA drivers instead of dell drivers. (Dell wants you to use a monitor they sell you so disable HDTV functions in their machines)

    Now using an S-video to component video adapter (do not have DVI or HDEMI inputs) I can get the desk top and everything to come up on the TV that is not a problem. The problem is that gaming absolutely sucks as far as video quality.
    The 7800 GTX cards single or dual are one of the best in the world but on the HDTV the games look like ****. I mean my PS2 with component video adapters looks 10 times better.
    My TV is a 42 inch with as good if not better quality then plasma and although not new has a very high quality picture in high def or DVD or HD DVD.

    Tried a friends computer running an ATI 1600 video card running the DVI to component adapter to the TV and game play is equal to X-box 360

    Now my machine is roughly 7000 times more powerful then his and on the PC monitor 1 of my video cards will run circles around his card let alone 2 cards running SLI.
    Anybody out there playing games on HDTV using an NVIDIA video card??? If so what do you need to do to get it to look good?
    Also ran the same set up on another quality TV running DVI to DVI input and still have piss poor video so it is not the S-video to component adapter.
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