Heat spreader problems?

By gilloz ยท 7 replies
Jan 5, 2006
  1. I received my Cooler Master Copper Heat Spreader yesterday and have had no luck in removing the adhesive Thermal tape cover over the tape stuck on the spreader. Has anyone ever experience this? The instructions say to remove the cover so you can stick the spreader over the RAM chips. I have been at it for over 3 hours on these spreaders and it sure seems like it has no protective cover. It suppose to be a double back adhesive thermal tape. Any suggestions from anyone?
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    hi gilloz and welcome to techspot

    to get a relevent repply plaese nexttime post a more decriptave titel :knock:
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    my response to swker98

    Sorry about that. When you go to post a thread there are two windows for titles they want you put in. I started to write Heat, but stopped at the H because I thought the second window was were I was suppose to put the title of my thread. I guess I was wrong. Shouldn't happen again, I hope. Why do they confuse newcomers with two title windows?
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    No problem,
    theres not a good change anyone will look at this tred hence its titel
    if this thered goes un answered for 3 days start a new one :D

    sry i dont know the answer to your problem thoguh
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    Reply to swker98

    Not a problem. I called Cooler Master, but anyone that could help me has left for Las Vegas for some kind of show or something. They said they would help me next week. Thanks anyway.
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  7. smithx

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    I have the same problem with removing the cover of the thermal adhesive tape of the Coolermaster memory heat spreader.
    Can you tell me which solution you have found ?

  8. gilloz

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    Heat Spreaders

    Smithx: Well, I finally contacted Cooler Master and they said that the double back adhesive tape was defective and did not have a cover. They suggested that I press the clips closed before installing them to put more pressure on the spreaders. I did that and with a little more force was able to slide the clips in putting more pressure on the spreaders to secure them on the memory modules. To be on the safe side, I also wrapped the ends with electrical tape to prevent the spreaders from sliding off on to the motherboard. It's been working fine ever since. Good luck, Smithx.
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