Heat tolerance of mobo?

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Aug 13, 2008
  1. Hi guys. Most mobos have a protective device which restarts the computer automatically when it reaches a certain temp to protect the computer components. Question is, what is that temp?
  2. kimsland

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    It's usually found in your Manufacture's Support Page Website under Specifications:
    But yours wasn't there!
    Therefore it would normally be in the manual:
    Here's a snippit from your manual:
    Wow 600 degrees !
    I think the walls would be melting !
  3. Justin

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    As kimsland mentioned, it will vary from hardware to hardware. Also, maximum and minimum temperatures for all hardware will change based whether or not the equipment is in use. They'll also usually specify a humidity rating as well.

    You, however, are referring specifically to the operating temperature and the warnign / shutdown temperatures. So you know, many motherboards actually let you configure this yourself - on my Asus M2N SLI Deluxe, for instance, you can configure a shutdown temperature for the CPU, the chassis and the chipset, as well as warning temperatures for them as well.

    Also note, these figures are separate from the CPU's programmed shutdown temperature as well, which is something that all modern desktop CPUs have. This is much higher than the board shutdown temperature - usually north of 90C, I do not remember specifics.

    Typically, a motherboards default shutdown settings will be in the 70-80C range. The default is usually just fine, and if you are experiencing shutdowns due to high temperatures you should probably take a look at why it is overheating before you increase the temperature threshold.
  4. batigoal

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    LOL! 600degrees?!? They sure do consider its functionality in hell too!
  5. batigoal

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    First of all, thanks for the reply. Yea i realise that i can change the temp threshold at the BIOS but i think the default temp should be alright. Oh i am not so sure about my mobo's temp as i'm using speedfan which i dont quite understand the numbers..I can't get a screenshot of the temps now as my com "crashed" after it restarted itself awhile ago..

    As for now i am not really sure if it's due to heat that triggered the com to restart. But i must admit that it is usually due to heavy gaming on graphically intensive games like Crysis. 10mins of Crysis and it restarts itself. I do realise that however if my air-conditioner is on, it can somehow last longer (a few hours w/o any problem).

    If it really is a heat issue then i wonder how come it (referring to either mobo or cpu) can't even withstand 10mins of videogaming? It's not like i over-clock anything at all..i even got a Duo Orb on my gpu and it's very cooled. Or should i juz get another fan to get some fresh air into the case?
  6. nickc

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    the fresh air in the case is a good idea although 10 min to shut down is very fast and I hardly think it would getting that hot that fast but who knows. if the heat sink is not fitted good it can do it in seconds.
  7. Justin

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    If it is shutting down that quickly, I would suspect a fault in one of the cooling systems on your machine. Did you build your machine yourself, or was it a from a shop or a retailer?

    If the former, check to make sure your CPU's heatsink is making good contact, and you may want to consider reseating it. The same applies to your GPU - even a minor error in placement could make the heatsink have improper contact, which would cause rapid overheating.

    You may also want to take the side of the chassis off and inspect it when it is in to make sure all the fans are spinning normally.
  8. batigoal

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    I chose the parts for the machine and according to my research on the net and the shop retailers' confirmations, they are compatible with each other. However i'm not the one who assembled the computer. One of the shop retailers did and i was there for the whole assembly so i don't suspect any faulty workmanship involved.

    Yes i did check on all the fans b4 and they are working fine. I must stress that it is only when i am playin games like Crysis Gears of War that the computer would restart itself after 10mins. If i were to use it for web surfing and movie watching (those regular stuff), it can last the whole day!

    With that said, is it possible that the cpu is the one causing the restart? My gpu looks juz fine as the temp is only 55degC at full load. I am considerin reseating the CPU with AS5 n see if it helps although i doubt so..
  9. batigoal

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    Lol yea i thought so too. How can a normal and few months old computer restart just 10mins into gamin...unheard of.
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