Hello. This is my new computer.

Hello Techspot enthusiasts.
I am not that technical and cannot help with many problems so I decided to share information (brag) about my new system. I have been saving a scrimping for about a year and a half to get this and picked it up last week. Its not top of the range but pretty good. Is my gaming only machine and my missus is very happy she has her dell back.

Motherboard - GA-M59SLI-s5
Cpu - AMD X2 Dual Core 4600+
Ram - 2 GB Corsair (533mhz I think. Cant remember)
Hdd - 2x WDC-320GB Sata 16Mb Cache
Case - Thermaltake Aguillia
PSU - 550w Antec Purepower
Sound - Soundblaster X-FI Fatal1ty
Speakers - Logitech Z5500 speakers
Video - Nvidia GeForce 7900GT (x2 in SLI mode)
Monitor - 22in Chimei widescreen 5ms, max res 1600x1050 (Good buy for $500)
Keyboard - Logitech G15 (so nice)
Mouse - Logitech G7 (Excelent mouse, fantastic response)

And thats about that. Oh and some crappy DVD burner too.
The Keyboard and mouse are excelent. The G15 has backlights so it's easy to see at night and a small display that has cpu/ram stats and also ingame display eg chat, bullets remaining etc... The system runs so smooth and so fast.

My only dissapointment is that I have switched from ATI cards to Nvidia and I think my personal Preference is ATI. But still is nice to play games at 1600x1050 with all graphics to full and it still runs smooth.

Still trying to work out what it can handle. Been playing Half life 2 at 1600x1050 with high graphics and high AA and Cpu and Ram is only at 50%.

Would like to benchmark it with my 3dmark 05 but don't know what settings to use to push the system a bit. My last benchmark with 3dMark05 at default settings was over 10,000. I'm impressed anyway.

Had major dramas at first with it. BSOD, Hdd write errors and Accelerated graphics but all was fixed by using different (older) videocard drivers.

I will be happy to answer any questions about it.

Thankyou for taking the time to check out my new pc.


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Stop making me jealous... :)
I do want to build a system sometime with an Intel Core 2 Duo in it, but it would cost pretty much with all the stuff I want.


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Nice system. I'm having a hell of a time with a new one I'm putting together for a relative - seems like an endless run of problems.

I recently picked up 2 21" LCDs at 1600x1050, isn't widescreen awesome? Just wish they could have tacked on another 30 pixels so we could have 1080.

Oh yeah widescreen is very cool. Especially for movies. I love it. Was a bit worried how a widescreen would handle games but now I don't think I could go back to square screen. The extra width definantly makes a difference.

I would normally have built this myself but the shop I get my parts from offered to build it for $99 and that extended my parts warranty to two years and a lifetime labour warranty. Bargain. Could not pass up that offer.

The only problem was I picked it up a day early and they were upset at me because they were in the middle of playing simcity4 and didn't get to finish their city. Boo hoo. And I found out too that playing games in a computer shop at work time is called "stress testing".


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I had a shop build my first custom PC. I've built 4 since including the one thats giving me problems. Never had too much trouble with them until now. I think perhaps the motherboard is bad, which isn't really my fault.