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Nov 14, 2009
  1. I keep getting the BSOD when playing video games. I had a problem with my graphics card but that has been RMAed and is passing stability tests now. I suspect a possible driver problem but I have the latest Nvidia drivers installed. Could someone read these minidumps and tell me what my problem is? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. kimsland

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    The game causing the issue is AION
    Specifically the file at fault is aion.bin, its causing havoc with your sound drivers

    Which Antivirus are you using?
    It seems free Avira Antiirus (of which I use) may record this file as a Trojan

    My recommendation is to uninstall the game fully (you can re-install later if you wish)
    Then go here and run through this guide:
  3. skyj635

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    Sorry for such a late reply but I was actually locked out of the site for some time now. My password started back working today. I use AVG anti-virus. I saw the post about my sound cards being the problem and disabled my on-board sound drivers. I installed a PCI sound card but I still got a blue screen today. I uninstalled the game and re-installed to if maybe I just got a bad download but the blue screen came back anyway. I included the new mini-dump. If it is due to sound driver/game problems again, I am just going to have to give this one up.

    Thanks for the responds
  4. skyj635

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    I posted the wrong dump file. This is the one from today. Sorry.
  5. kimsland

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    Well the first one was faulted at your nVidia display driver
    And the next one was your sound
    Have you updated all your device drivers?
    You can find all your device drivers here: >> Driver links by manufacturer

    I have seen similar BSoDs caused by Antivirus and Firewall programs as well
    Since you are using AVG Free, you might want to try the following (before giving up ;))
    Uninstall AVG Antivirus through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
    Then run the AVG Remover Tool: >>


    Download and install Free Avira Antivirus: >>
    Install; Update; and run a full scan. I would be very interested if it finds any Viruses

    Try that (well those two things > Drivers and Antivirus)

    Oh and use "Edit" instead of relying to yourself ;)
  6. skyj635

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    I uninstalled AVG and ran the remover program. I installed Avira and ran a scan and I came up clean. Only 8 warnings for files it could not open. I attached the log for the scan. I checked the drivers for my sound card and oddly enough the driver date on the Creative website for my driver showed the lastest date driver being release Feb 28 03 but I checked the driver from the Techspot link you posted and found one dated Jan 07 04. I tried to install the new driver but it said it did not find a driver version for that update so I guess I do have the lastest driver.
  7. kimsland

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