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Feb 13, 2006
  1. My son wants a good gaming machine for his b-day. What are recommendations for case, motherboard, processor, graphics, sound and any other little details I may miss. THANKS!
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    He said they were @ $800-$1000. So I would like to keep it at or under 1K. (He works PT at my office and has saved $400 towards it so I would like to cover the rest and put something together for him). Thanks !
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    Well I would suggest.....

    Gigabyte GA-K8Triton Pro-SLI MoBo nforce4
    get a nice size processor 939 AMD 3800+

    The Graphics card is the most important choice that you have to make gaming comps will be more expensive than a standard comp!

    IMHO only one choice for gaming at te moment and that is ATI X1900 series graphics card PCI-E, Why this card? Well because in every benchmark test that I have seen these cards OWN all...

    Decent Monitor 19" best settings for gaming at the mo are a resolution of 1280x1024 if you go for an LCD (Which are far better on the eyes) Make sure that the response time is below 8ms.. Otherwise the picture will blur when playing. I would suggest a 19" Samsung Sync Master 940 BF.. (2ms response time AWESOME Display)

    you will need 1 GiG of ram

    MoBo $120
    Video card $450
    CPU chip $200
    display $120
    Ram 2x512mb sticks @ $100 $180

    Total $1070

    Pick any case that can house it they are very cheap and there are many good looking cases out there

    Prices are an approximate guide but to be honest if you assemble this rig with this spec your son will absolutely go wild and love you forever!
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    Hmm... I might build another computer with the stuff Rage linked =P

    Also if it's your 1st time building a computer you should ask someone who knows how to tell you what to do or you can get Bestbuy or one of those computer places to assemble it for you
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    Sadly the original question was posed quite sometime ago, I am sure his sons birthday has passed since feb.
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    But that doesn't stop us computer enthusiasts to recommend hardware. :D

    Other people (like me) might benefit from this thread as well.
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    Yeah! I agree, besides I kinda get excited about the stuff Rage_3k posted, that's an amazing gaming computer! even tough my PC is not too old, i get itchy to jump over the Core 2 Duo and PCI-Express Graphics!!! :D
  10. wolfram

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    Just take a look at Rage's PC. It's incredibly amazing :eek:
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