HELP! Driver needed for grandma's network "card"

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Nov 25, 2003
  1. Hello. I'm trying to fix my grandmother's computer (her second one actually... lol) and I had to reformat and reinstall windows 98SE. The only problem remaining is trying to find a driver for her network card. This computer is a clone and I don't have much information except what I can see.

    The ethernet "card" is really tiny, and it's not PCI. It connects via a cable directly to the motherboard. The card says "PCNet" on it, and has no other markings. The motherboard is an Intel 810L Chipset, and I think the processor is Pentium II but can't really tell. I checked Intel's website but I can't find this specific driver. I don't even know what this "card" is called or where to look.

    Can anyone help me!! My nice old grandma needs to surf the net in Florida! Someone help her! Thanks!!
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    Well, Google says that PCNet is a long AMD NIC series. I suppose you can get drivers for it if you just know the specific model.

    Are there any chips on that "card"? If not, look at the mobo near where the cable connects. You can definently work out the specific NIC model from the actual chip used or you can use some other driver designed for that type of chip.
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    Okay, the card appears to be a "PCNet HT2001 9926". That's all the card says. The motherboard has a little bit of writing on every little black chip on it... most say "Intel", one says "Davicom DM9102F"... thats all I can see.

    I found a post by someone saying that an "SIS 900" driver will work for that PCNet model number... but I tried it and it doesn't work. It says no SIS adapter was found on my system.

    I also tried that link above... but those drivers again don't work. Any suggestions?? THANKS
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  6. rwnewson

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    I found it! Apparently even though the chip is PCNet, and the board is INTEL... the ethernet adapter needed the "Davicom DM9102F" driver. What the heck was that... But I installed that driver and now it works! Thanks guys.
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    Glad you got it all sorted out, even though it was a strange solution.
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