Help getting files off an old hard drive

By Kainis19
Dec 22, 2004
  1. We recently had some massive problems with one of our computers, and in the process of repairing it ended up installing a new hard drive to replace the old one. The new hard drive is working fine, I was just wondering how or if I can access the old hard drive to get some files off of it. Will there be a problem since both hard drives have a working copy of windows XP on them? Any suggestions?

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    Since I don't know, I'll assume both are regular IDE harddrives. If that is the case, the IDE data cable which you used to connect your new drive should have another plug/connector on it which you can plug into your old harddrive. You would have to set the jumpers to SLAVE on the old harddrive and MASTER on the new one... I believe CABLE SELECT on both would also work fine...of course you would need to hook up the power cable to it as well.

    When booting up, enter the BIOS setup to make sure both drives are detected, and if they are go to the BOOT tab and make sure that the new harddrive is selected somewhere in the sequence, not the old one.

    Should be that simple. If your drives don't get detected ... try changing the DETECTION method to NORMAL if it was on QUICK in the IDE CONFIGURATION...

    Since both drives have Windows installed ... you may for whatever reason get an option which Windows you want to start, choose the new one .. if they are both the same ... just try one, if it's not the one you want, reboot and try the other...

    Hope this helps.
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