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By cinabar
Feb 12, 2005
  1. After a long and very painful process, I have finally got a dual boot XP and Win98 system up and sort of running on my Dell 4600. The XP side works fine, but the Win98 side has problems. I would like to download the SPs etc for the Win98 SE OS but when I try to light up Internet Explorer I get a popup box labeled "msoobe" saying that an invalid page fault has occurred. I know that its possible for msoobe to be infected, but I've run AVG6, spybot and adaware without finding anything. I'd try Firefox as an end run but I need IE to get at the service packs and critical updates. I tried replacing msoobe.exe with a known good copy from my other system- but no joy.

    I even tried a repair of msn. I get as far as the setup and then I get the same msoobe invalid page fault error. The problem :bounce: may even be unrelated to IE since it seems to occur in this other context.

    Help help help - any would be greatly appreciated.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Welcome to TechSpot
    The msoobe is for registering XP, not for W98.
    Can you tell us HOW you installed W98 and XP and on which drive/partition?
  3. cinabar

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    Yes realblackstuff, I've heard that, but I have another Win98 SE on another machine and it has an Oobe directory hanging off the WINDOWS\SYSTEM hierarchy. The msoobe.exe app is in the root Oobe directory. I don't understand what it is doing there if it is peculiar to XP. By the way, the host machine has never been near XP.

    As for my other machine - the Dell 4600, I installed Win98 SE first in a FAT32 partition and the XP in an NFS partition. For reasons I won't bore you with, I had to reinstall Win 98SE. I left the XP system in place when I did this. I needed to fix the boot record to get back the dual boot, but everything except the msoobe thing works just fine. I don't know what msoobe has to do with the Win98SE side of things, but I can't get on the net with the machine to get any SPs or critical updates. Also, msoobe seems to rear its ugly head in other contexts. At one point I thought the problem might be a mangled MSN. So, I followed directions for a fix on the ms support site. It had me run Rstormsn.exe and do some other stuff. Part way through the restoration, I got the msoobe invalid page fault message. As far as I know, IE4 was not involved.

    I have heard that msoobe can be infected, but my AVG7, Spybot, etc. give it a clean bill of health. Even so, I replaced it with a copy from my other Win98SE machine. No joy though.

    Thanks for responding - and any help would be appreciated.

    realblackstuff;some additional, but perhaps irrelevant information. I believe that the msoobe problem was present after the original install of Win98SE - that is before I did a reinstall and had to fix the boot record. So I don't think the non-optimal order of installing the two OSs is a factor. Also, each partition is approximately 20GB.

    realblackstuff; sorry, didn't fully answer your original question. Both systems are on the same HD. Win98SE is C: and XP is D:
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Using your XP, you can still go to MS and get W98-updates, just a bit more involved.
    Look at the corporate options.
    Also, MS brought out a CD recently with ALL updates for W98/W98SE. Get hold of one of those.
    I'll have to check on my daughter's PC with W98SE for that msoobe stuff. Later...
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