Help hooking "RCA kevlar speakers (T700)" into computer...

By sedivy94
Jul 26, 2007
  1. I had a stereo system that got fried by lightning one day, and the CD player was useless, but the stereo's were still working.

    What i want to do is hook these RCA "kevlar speakers" into my computer... but it's confusing because there aren't any jacks in the back. What I do have in the back is [roughly] 2 sets of thin wire... one set is a black waire and red wire joined together [side by side.] The second set is a black wire and a blue wire joined.

    The black/red set separates [or forks] in two; the tips exposed.
    The black/blue set does NOT separate, but turns ends as an RCA input (?)
    I can take pictures later, but I would like an explaination of what the cord are and how I can adapt them to hook into a computer...

    I'm not too familiar with this stuff, but I would appreciate help.
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