Help I need your expertise

By athirdgill
Jun 4, 2009
  1. My computer keeps freezing and I am getting pop ups. Everytime I try to reboot it takes about 30 minutes to reboot then the windows installer comes up and says windows is configuring status and that freezes as well. Can anyone help me please?:wave:
    I just found something that probably shouldn't be there it is a csrss.exe file running. Should I get rid of it?
  2. touch

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  3. athirdgill

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    I ran the cleaner and have a question

    I ran the cleaner and didn't uncheck the old prefetch data box. Then I realized what I did and unchecked it before I ran the cleaner a second time. Is that ok or did I really screw up? Sorry :-(
  4. touch

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    No harm done removing old prefetch data, just continue with the guide ;)
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