Help identify heatsink\fan combo

By nork
Nov 20, 2006
  1. Help identify heatsink\fan combo.

    This heatsink\fan was too cool looking to pass up, lol. But i cant tell its actual, original usage.
    The heatsink\fan is on the first page here:

    Its at the top right of the first page, where it says cooling fans, number "B",its the 7 blade that is $2.99. The fan itself is a Panaflo and stated to have 7 blades, ,22 amps 2 inches, with a stainless steel heatsink. The heatsink is fairly heavy, its round except on one side where its flat such
    that it could sit horizontally. On the back of the heatsink is a stainless steel mounting plate with a small threaded screwhole in each corner and two larger holes drilled thru it that also go thru the heatsink. And the fan sits
    right in the middle of the heatsink.

    I dont think the whole assembly was meant to sit horizontally but it does
    have that one side that is flat instead of round so i dont know for sure.
    As for wiring it has what looks to me like the standard, 3 wire, fan to mobo
    connector and a red, black and yellow wire on it.

    I found the fan itself at Panaflo.
    Here it is. Its only a 1 page pdf so it opens real fast:

    Its the FBA06A12H that is listed at the bottom of the page. Except that it
    doesnt include the cover plate on it that is shown in the diagram. The fan
    is 60 x 25. The speed is 4,200. (like a pc speed?)
    The fan alone is also listed on this page:

    Of course the above notation gives me some clue as to what it came from but i am curious to see if anyone can take this further and perhaps identify exactly what type if machine this heatsink\fan was in?

    Can anyone tell me where this heatsink\fan came from?

    I bet it originally was worth a lot more than $2.99 Canadian that i paid but i
    would like to know its origin. Any help with this?

    Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.
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