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Jul 11, 2006
  1. Hi, I'm having an audio problem. Well with the current codec I can listen to music play games etc, but I can't hear sounds produced by the system itself like when using the task manager, if I visit a webpage with a flash video on it no sound it reproduced and so on. The codec I have isn't certified by Windows and I can't find one that is. I'll attach my dxdiag file if it helps.
  2. wolfram

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    According to DXDIAG, you don't have your soundcard drivers installed.
    Do you have an integrated sound card, or a PCI sound card?
    Also, what is your sound card manufacturer and model?


    Welcome to Techspot! :) (opps, I forgot that before)
  3. Joao_Freitas

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    Well probably because I uninstalled and installed the most recent version that was similar to the previous from this site and didn't reboot the computer before saving the dxdiag.txt.

    Thats the problem I don't know what sound card I have, does VIA AC 97or something count?
  4. wolfram

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    Yes, you have an integrated Realtek AC 97 audio. You can get the drivers from HERE . Download the fourth driver in the list.

    Good luck!
  5. Joao_Freitas

    Joao_Freitas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Worse, that seemed to have an error, code 10 and now no sound is reproduced through the speakers, as WMP says I dont have a controler/sound device installed. When I was installing it the same warning about it not being certified to work with Windows poped up again.

    Maybed my card isn't that one, how do I find out?
  6. wolfram

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    Download THIS program to find it out. Look under multimedia tab.

    Also, can you post your motherboard model please?

  7. Joao_Freitas

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    Well the report had this about my motherboard:
    (bear in mind that I'm translating from portuguese, but it shouldn't pose a problem)

    Processor type Intel Pentium 4, 2680 MHz (20 x 134)
    Motherboard's name Jetway P4MDPT (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 2 DDR DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)
    Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8751A Apollo P4M266A
    The rest is system memory etc...

    Sound adapter VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller

    Under the multimedia tab all it had was Windows Audio and PCI/PnP Audio, under Windows Audio it had this:

    Device Id Device Description
    midi-out.0 0001 0066 Syntethizer by software GS Wa
    0001 0068 Vinyl AC'97 Audio (WAVE)
    wave-in.0 0001 0065 Vinyl AC'97 Audio (WAVE)
    wave-out.0 0001 0064 Vinyl AC'97 Audio (WAVE)

    And under PCI/PnP audio this:

    Device Description Type
    VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller PCI
  8. Joao_Freitas

    Joao_Freitas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry for the double post but no one seemed to notice my thread and now that I have all the info to help solve my problem I would like some help, thank you.
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