HELP-Inserted Wires wrong way on mobo usb controller

By hixxy
Dec 27, 2005
  1. Hey All,

    I was wondering if someone could please help me out with a problem i have.

    Recently i installed a new case fan and to fit it in i had to remove the usb wires going to the montherboard so i could fit it in as they was in the way.

    So when putting the wires back in to the motherboard usb controller, i made a foolish mistake of entering them the wrong way round. On my motherboard the

    wires should of been places in this order (as shown below).

    5v / - / + / Ground
    5v / - / + / Ground

    But instead I made the mistake and entered them wrong as shown below. (opposite from the correct way)

    Ground / + / - / 5v
    Ground / + / - / 5v

    After i switched the pc on and noticed my mouse wasnt working I turned it off and checked the wires to find out that i had made the mistake of inserting

    them the wrong way.

    So i inserted the wires correctly and turned on the pc. My usb optical mouse was not working and wasnt lit up(i tried it in all of the usb ports). So I

    thought i would try another usb devise to see if that worked, so i tried a little usb light(one of them small lights attached to wire that clips on desks).

    The usb desk light worked so this left me thinking that wrongfully inserting the usb wires to mobo must of broke my mouse. I tried my mouse also in the ps2

    port with a usb>ps2 converter, This resulted in the mouse optical light lighting up but still it didnt respond to movement.

    also on boot up my pc sounds like a fan is going faster then slower then faster then slower but eventually a couple of mins after bootup it sounds like it

    goes to a more average same speed (I dont know if this is problem is from the issue stated above. if it is then can anyone giv any info on this?)

    So the next step i took was to test if my mouse worked at a friends house. The mouse worked fine...

    So then i borrowed my friends mouse to try at home on my pc. The mouse was 1 of those minature sized laptop mouse. Strangely enough this worked.. (could

    this be because it requires less usb power as its made for laptops?)

    I have been doing some reading on the web and i do realise i could of shorted my usb controller on the mobo. But that is basically all the info i could find

    about this topic. Now this leaves me with a few questions in my head i need to ask.

    firstly, How do i check if the usb compartment of my mobo is damaged? And if its damaged then how do i find out the scale of the damage?

    Could i have damaged any other components in my pc?

    Is it safe to keep using my pc at this current time? and if yes,is it in no danger of damaging other pc components that asnt been damaged already in the

    near future?

    I only built this pc 1-2 months back so i am hoping and praying that the damage is fixable (if damaged) Or on the otherhand not gona cost alot of expenses

    to get it fixed.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Your help is much appreciated.

    Greetz hix
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