Help laptop dual channel ram upgrade

By unoor84
Oct 11, 2008
  1. Hi i have a toshiba sat pro L300 12-H latop with 1GB hynix korea 03 2r x 16 pc2 5300s-555-12 ram. i scanned on the crucial website and it told me for optimal performance i should install more ram which is exactly the same since it supports dual channel memory. My max capacity is 2GB. now my question is ive found some RAM on ebay which is hynix korea 08 1GB 2r x 8 pc2 5300s-555-12 ram. so its the same size and same speed i.e pc5300 ( i think?), however its 2r x 8 and my current ram is 2r x 16. i dont know what this means? is this ram ok to install in my laptop and is it identical to my current ram so that it supports dual channel optimal performance? immediate help would be much appreciated guys. thank you
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    bump anyone:confused:?
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