Help locating a file to help my ethernet work again

Hello! I live in a college apartment (so no access to router). When I hook up my ethernet cable to my computer, all of my messengers work and are connected but I cannot use internet browsers. I recently reformatted my computer and was using a wireless adaptor, but here the internet is so slow that there's really no point and for a decent connection you need to be plugged into the wall. The wall connection worked fine until I reformatted.

This happened before when I moved to my first college and had to use the ethernet cable. I've done everything from messing around with internet explorer proxy settings and whatnot, but what did work was something I found in a thread. It instructed me to go somewhere and delete a file that was blocking the internet part, I guess? I deleted this setting/file and the ethernet connection worked just fine afterwards. I can't find this thread (probably not on this website) anymore. Does anyone here know possibly what the file was?
It was never a driver issue, literally all I did last time was I found some setting or file and disabled it. I believe it was "disable" and not delete. I'm sorry if I'm being confusing.


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That sounds familiar.

Look under "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections" or similar location

Anyway you should have a network listing for both wired and wireless. Right click on the one you want to disable or enable. You should have the option to toggle status for each listing.
Yes. And IPV6 has been disabled.

I have a connection because skype, aim, and other messengers work. Just I cannot browse the internet using a browser such as google chrome, firefox, internet explorer, etc. I've attempted to go into the command prompt and using the ipconfig /flushdns option, but that did nothing to help the problem, either.