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Mar 24, 2005
  1. Hey I posted before about this but am not getting and response so here i go again...I just recently formatted my pc for the 1st time and in the process of doing so one of my hard drives doesn't show up in "My computer" anymore therefore I can't use it...although the PC does detect it such as in Device manager and so forth...when I formatted I clicked to delete everything off both drives...was there something that shouldn't have been deleted off of there in order for it to work?? Help me
  2. TDawg

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    Thanks Alot

    Well I appreciate everyone's concern about this topic...just be happy that I fixed the problem myself...let's just hope no one in your family ever gives birth or has a heart attack because they will be pretty much screwed...
  3. dopefisher

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    hey man its all cool.... i, for one, read your post, buit had no idea how to help, im guessing several others did the same. also, the main guys who know everything (i.e. realblackstuff, phantasm66, etc) have real jobs and go to school and arent always on so the brunt of the stuff is left to the newer guys at first. usually they come in later though so dont fret it... this forum is great for help jsut read any of the thousands of posts in here
  4. TDawg

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    Yeah it's all good I just wanted to share something with everyone...but I mean the most important thing is that I did get it to work...TO EVERYBODY WHO READ MY PREVIOUS MESSAGE I AM SORRY IF U WERE OFFENDED...
  5. howard_hopkinso

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    Would you care to let us know what you did in order to get it to work?

    This may well help other people with similar problems.

    Thanks Regards Howard :grinthumb
  6. SNGX1275

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    The forums here are entirely based on volunteer effort, nobody gets paid for this, its all done just because people want to help. We have no responsibility to make sure every question gets answered.

    When you post crap like this, espically with a title like the one you had on here, many people just ignore it because we can't be bothered to help someone who demands something be answered. If we happen to read a thread we can answer, most of us do. You can do a lot of things to help get your thread read and answered, and starting with a discriptive topic is the most important. I just searched for all posts by you and found your original post on this question. Just as I thought, the title you gave was completely generic and mentioned nothing about the hardware in question.

    If you are going to post what you did to solve it its best if you just post it in your original thread, if you read the link in my signature you'll see why we try to avoid double posting.
  7. patio

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    Well put.

    patio. :cool:
  8. TDawg

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  9. TDawg

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    Hehe sorry about that last was from a friend on here...but yes I said I was kidding about the 2nd post about this topic and yeah I had to replace a bad IDE cable...
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