Help!!! My Toshiba Wont Reformat!!!

By mbenson84
Sep 11, 2004
  1. i have a 2 year old toshiba satellie 1405-s151running windows XP with sp 1 ... whenever i try to turn on my computer it says the following files are missing or corrupt: Windows\System32\Config ... I just found my recovery disks and insert the first one ... I hold down the C-button upon rebooting to boot the CD-Rom first ... The recovery disk boots and asks if I accept the Agreeement blahblah and the If i want to erase all the contents on the harddrive...SO i press F1 for the former and C for the later, then the screen goes blank and the computer reboots, only to come back to the same accept agreement screen (F1) and then the same erase screen (C). Its a viscious cycle I can't even begin to understand!!!

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have papers to do for this weekend!!! ARHGHGHH

    a humble duke student
  2. AdrianScotter

    AdrianScotter TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Hi, I don't know if this helps but I've just had the same problem on three PC's. Unfortunately every single one was down to a faulty hard disk drive and they all had to be replaced. Bear in mind this could be coincidence and there could be some other explanation for this. Good luck, Adrian.
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