Help Needed - USB Flash Drive Unregconized

By xingde
Jan 3, 2009
  1. Hello everyone,

    I followed the instruction on ( to convert my SONY USB flash drive (64 GB) to a local drive; It worked. I then assigned the flash drive as an extended drive, the divided it into two partitions. I could only format one partition. When I tried to convert it back to "removable drive", I accidentally updated the driver again, using the original cfadisk.inf file in which Line 26 read as it was just downloaded (e.g. "............, evice_instance_id_goes_here").

    Now the computer would not recognize the USB drive. When plugged, the USB drive did not show up on the disk list under "my computer." The computer will not shut down or restart if this USB drive is connected.

    The computer works normally with other USB flash drive.

    Any advice?

    Thanks lot.

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