help pc is almost trashed

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Dec 11, 2006
  1. arigh today, im 16 know a little about computer, but what hapend was i swiched out my celeron wit my cousins p4 but when i put it in , the computer didnt even bother to trurn on. so i put back in my celeron. now it dont even turn on at all!!what can i do at home to fix it!!!
  2. Grafficks

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    Well, for starters, did you install the CPU Heatsink/Fan along with the CPU? This is mandatory. A fresh application of thermal grease for each removal of the HSF would also be great.

    You have not specified any details about installing the HSF with the CPU, so most likely it is heat. If you have installed the HSF unit, make sure it is mounted correctly and applying full pressure and contact with the surface of the CPU.

    Keep us posted..
  3. dylanpd912

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    yes i did install the heatsink,
  4. JimShady23

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    Dont sound like anything major, its probably a case of pulling a wire off the front panal to motherboard, check for loose wires

    Also for a simple minded solution check the switch on the back of the PSU

    Because even if you did damage BOTH cpu's wich is very unlikly your computer would still turn just wouldnt post and you would get some beeps

    Now when you say it dont turn on at all do you mean you push the power button and nothing happen, no fans spine
    , nothing at all.....

    Or you mean nothing comes up on the screen.....

    Be as specific as possible with your wording.....
  5. Tedster

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    possibility you statically shocked the system. Tough lesson learned if you don't get it work. I would get professional help. You might want to ask here next time before you tinker around. We're always glad to help.
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