Help please: BSoD: Stop Error: 0x0000007F

By blipfish
Feb 26, 2007
  1. Hello, sorry that my first post just jumps into a problem without saying "hello" first. :)

    I have a Dell XPS Gen 4, 3.2 Intel, GeForce 6800 vid, 1 gig RAM, single 120 gig HD.

    When I play a couple of online games (notably BF2 or BF2142 - but don't let the reference to these games throw you) for more than about 15-20 minutes the following happens:

    1. Video stutters in a way it never has.
    2. Audio crackles lightly in a way it never has.
    3. The game crashes me to a blue screen of death (this is where it gets important) and I see this exact screen message posted here:

    4. After holding on this BSoD for about 30 seconds my monitor goes black...
    5. My system fan turns on VERY high (extremely loud, blows out a ton of air from the back of the tower).

    6. I am quickly forced to hold the power button down and power-off - fearing a heat building or who knows what?

    I haven't run Norton's for some time, nor does it run in the background as I uninstalled it - so STOP: ox7F errors I've Googled that mention Norton don't quite seem to apply.

    I haven't installed any new hardware.

    This doesn't happen when I'm in Photoshop, surfing, letting the computer, sit, or anything. It may be coincidental and subjective - but it only seems to happen in those computer games (as opposed to not happending during Tiger Woods), for example. Makes me wonder if it's not during intense video or audio useage... because of the nature of the games/moments it happens?

    FWIW, I've played both of these games for some time (BF2 for over a year, BF2142 for months) and this has never happened - the system specs can certainly handle the games).

    So, in spite of references to the games (and all their known bugginess) I'm just mentioning them out of course - not because I have any indication the games themselves are creating problems (pre or post-patch). I just bring them up because of when it happens.

    Needless to say, after my 1 year warranty with Dell was up a few months ago... their "service" leaves a lot to be desired in troubleshooting and as you can tell - I'm only a poser when it comes to troubleshooting tech issues.

    Any ideas, suggestions, or guidance would truly be appreciated. I've read everything from it being due to software, RAM, CPU, motherboard - and am in a bit of a panic as to what to do.

    Thank you.
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