Help please...BSOD's won't go away!!

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Jan 6, 2006
  1. I've had this computer for almost 6 months and I've constantly had a variety of BSOD's. The system is very new, made by a co-worker who has built 100's of systems.

    I have this computer setup for music there have been some unique tweaks to XP, some removing of unneeded services, etc.

    I've cured some BSOD's with other solutions and help on this forum, but somehow or another I always get a new one. Lately, they're all Page Default with instant reboot. Although my system is setup NOT to reboot, it still does.

    I'm posting my latest minidumps, I'm really, really discouraged...I even bought brand new RAM, so I don't think it's that! I've tried a friend's video card, nothing...

    BTW, I have a nearly new system of:

    Antec Sonata II w/ 450 w smartpower 2.0
    Asus A8V Deluxe
    AMD 3500+
    2 SATA Barracuda 7200rpm drives on VIA SATA controller
    2GB (1GB X 2) Corsair XMS DDR (used to have Kingston value RAM)
    3dConnect Radeon 9550GE AGP 8X vid card
    Plextor IDE DVD burnder

    I have the onboard audio, Promise controller, Serial/Parallel, Firewire, and MIDI game port ALL disabled. No overclocking, default settings across most of the BIOS.

    My latest minidumps are attached...hoping they give some clue...

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    Duwabug:Try this Fix

    Your A8v Deluxe may not work with AMD 3500 (Venice),without a Bios Update...
    Either flash Bios to version 0219,or pull the bios chip send it to Asus ...
    They will Flash the Bios Chip for you.
    The bios Chip is the little square plug next to you Ide,Speaker,Pw,Pwrreset connetor on the from of you MB near the Floppy Connector. Use paperclip to pull the Bios Chip.

    My setup
    A8V MB Rev 2.00,Bios 0219
    AMD 3500 (venice)
    Corsair XMS3200 (2/512) 1 GB
    Radeon 9000 pro 128MB
    80GB Maxtoe
    Antec 1050b ,500w PS
  6. dugawug

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    thanks, i've already discovered the solution though:

    dual channel RAM configurations (both blue or both black slots) were killing it for some odd reason.

    only running in a mix configuration (one blue/one black) does my system completely avoid the BSOD. been almost two weeks now!!
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