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By ETF Soldier
May 13, 2012
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  1. Well it's my birthday in July and I was planning on getting a camera and wanted to try and start doing some product research. I am sick of using my dads camera, as although it's pretty good, good photo an video capture, it is really bad with motion, so if you have shaky hand, then it's a bit sucky.

    The sort of thing I am looking for is as I said earlier, good video and image capture that doesn't have an issue with motion. If it has a good microphone then that's a bonus. Around 12MP would be ideal. I'm not sure how much I'll have to spend but I'm sure it won't be much more than £100.

    If anyone knows any good models that are ship-able to the UK then that's be brilliant, thanks!
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    To be honest with you I'd look at for camera info. Those guys are brutal but thorough when it come to camera reviews. If a device gets an okay on that site then it's probably a very good device. You can also do quick comparisons with devices you are already familiar with on that site.
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    Can't go wrong with dpreview. is pretty good for cheaper imports but you are best checking prices against UK highstreet first as they aren't always cheaper.
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    Depending on whether you want a compact camera to stick in your pocket or something with more functions you might be able to get a Fujipix or Nikon Coolpix bridge camera - (£117).

    My parents recently purchases a FujiPix bridge camera(long optical zoom and reasonable sized CCD sensor and reasonable megapixels). Its not bad but doesn't have a mechanical shutter like DSLR type cameras, just takes pictures by turning the sensor on and off much like a camera phone. For a compact camera the Panasonic Lumix range are well liked by many and having used my fiancées older Lumix camera I can see why. Nice auto modes but controls for more advanced use available as well. Panasonic Lumix FS35 comes in just under £100 on Amazon ( ).

    An obvious tip is to read reviews on the cameras and feedback from owners of them, another thing to do is do a search for the model name on and see the sort of quality of photos that are possible with the camera.

    More megapixels is useful when you get to the stage of wanting to print large versions of your photos, on paper or canvas. Take a picture of reasonable resolution and then stretch it out, for example my avatar that had been pulled through from the previous forum software. You begin to see the individual pixels which will be visible on print out. If you are happy with lower resolutions for Facebook/viewing on screen then you don't need to worry about getting the highest megapixel camera available. In the £100 price range I don't think higher megapixels is really going to be an indication of a better camera.

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