Help!! Screen blanks out!!

By domyue
Mar 9, 2006
  1. Hi guys,

    I've just installed a new SATA HD (as boot) so there is a fresh windows xp pro install on it -- It's connected via a PCI controller card (controller drivers up to date).
    Whereas my storage hard-drive is IDE.

    Now I have an annoying problem. I boot it up and log on, all normal. But when I do something a little more intensive (can be as trivial as opening a CD drive), the screen suddenly freezes momentarily before the monitor blanks out.
    It is as though there were no video input. The funny thing is, the power is still on, the PSU, fans, HD, everything seems to be still up and running.

    Could it be PSU (it's 350w)? Video card? New sata controller? Drivers?

    Thanks v much for any help!!

    Radeon 9600
    Philips 170b4 monitor
    Seagate 160gb SATA w/ NCQ -- Boot
    Maxtor IDE 120gb -- Storage
    PSU -- 350w
    Sata controller -- by SafeCom...
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