Help setting up GA-81955xpro

By TonySalcedo
Jan 28, 2006
  1. Hi im just putting together my computer and i have run into a problem,im trying to connect the fpanel switches and LEDs to my mainboard and i dont have instructions from the case manufacter on how to as all cases have different colour wires and plugs etc the mainboard instructions dont help.

    My first question is the power and reset switch,do they have a negative and positive position on the mainboard or doesnt it matter? ,the power switch has a green wire and white wire and neither of them is marked negative or positive.The reset switch has a green and a black wire which has no marking with neg or positive. I have found where they go on the board i just dont know the positioning.

    My second question is there are front speeker wires do these need to be connected or can i just leave them? as the instructions are to hard to follow.

    If anyone can help i greatly appreciate it thanks Tony.
  2. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    might look-

    In most of the cases I've used, if you look closely at the plastic plug, there will be a small triangle shaped arrow. This should be pos.(+) They can be hard to spot.

    The "front" speaker (if there is one in the case), is just for "system" sounds: mobo POST beeps, etc., which can be useful. If the case does not have that speaker installed, many mobo mfr's will include a little round plastic spkr, which should be plugged onto the mobo if the case doesn't have one. That speaker is not CRITICAL, but it is handy, esp. if you encounter boot-up problems, you can hear the mobo "beep" codes.

    Hope you can find those little arrows. If not, all of the case wires should have one common color (sounds like yours is green). If each plug has a green wire, that is almost certainly ground (neg). Good luck. :D
  3. TonySalcedo

    TonySalcedo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cheers mate thanks for the advice
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