By JaMakeCanDude
Feb 24, 2005
  1. Ok guys...i'm new...please help:

    Gave it a thorough cleaning. I had the the chassis in my lap the whole time and sometimes the board in my hand but my skin was always in contact with the board so i'm hoping that that was enough pre-cautions to ensure a static free cleaning. Cleaned the fan, the power supply...the memory...the works...all using a small paint brush and i blew out some of the dust with my own breath. No blowdryer!
    Connected up the PC....powered up and got a jump start of the fans then nothing. The first time it happened, the power LED blinked. The keyboard and mouse lights come on because I have a wireless keyboard. This means that power is still going through the board i hope and the receiver still picks up keystrokes on the keyboard so I'm hoping and praying that problem is isolated to the processor and is solvable. When i checked, some the thermal paste over-flowed unto the socket. I have tried to clean it up and clean the pins to the best of my ability. Still nothing. I'm hoping that I haven't cleaned it properly. I really don't want to make anymore drastic moves and cause subsequent damages. PLEASE HELP!!! POST SOME HOW TO'S or soemthing.....but I need my PC. All my notes are online. My comsci quizzes are online. I need it to practice....i'm freaking!


    Ok...please follow.

    I disconnected the power supply and attached it to a board (which I know is dead by the way because of a scrape on it near the CPU socket) and that board powered up. It's an AMD processor. There are no peripherals on the MOBO....its an integrated board. I have isolated the problem to be where the paste got into the SOCKET...i.e. where the processor fits.
    When the board is with no peripherals.....the same problem occurs. The fan starts then stop. The PC does not power up....goes no further...... No beeps! Just a flicker of the power LED. This I assume means that the board is shorting out! Probably, hopefully by the paste that got into. I was advised by technician at UWI who works in M.I.T.S. to pour alcohol unto the socket...some highly concentrated alcohol and use a brush to clean the same with the processor. I'm not sure which alcohol to use....or is this advisbale or the only way possible. I have no funds to purchase a new board anytime soon and I need the PC for the very least so that is not really option so i'm asking for some assistance from someone...please....anybody....... :hotbounce
  2. Eddy Rassy

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    I think you have shorted something and I do not know what it is.
    The only advise I can give you is that DO NOT USE ALCOHOL to clean any contacts. Alcohol is abraisive material and will wipe out the contacts' plating and cause corrosion. Ask at some electronis store for the material they use to remove thermal compound from heat sinks and transistors, I forgot what they call it.
    Good luck
  3. JaMakeCanDude

    JaMakeCanDude TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have been to several persons and this is the BEST advice I've gotten...thanks alot! :wave: :giddy: :grin
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