Overclocking Help with a Volcano 7 HSF

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Help with a Volcano 7 please

A friend of mine just installed a Volcano 7
on his new setup.
When I asked him what kind of Thermal compound (TIM) was
On the heatsink, he said that he pulled a "paper" patch
off the bottom of the unit and that it was "clear"
underneath i.e. no visible TIM present.
Is this normal, is the TIM used on the V7 clear?
Any of you folks got info on this for me, I would hate
for him To fry his new CPU.
Thanks in advance. ;)


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Yes, that is 3M Heat Sink Tape (thermal pad) or a generic brand, which actually is a waxy substance that is similar to heat sink paste.
Remove any thermal pads or other interface material from the heatsink before applying the Arctic Silver. Thermal pads can be scraped off with a plastic tool that will not scratch the bottom then the remnants can be removed with a xylene based cleaner, (Goof Off and some carburetor cleaners) acetone, mineral spirits, or 99% pure isopropyl alcohol
Personally, I don't think it is as good as a quality heat sink paste (thermal compound) http://www.arcticsilver.com/


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Thanks UNCLEEL.... I'm sure he will be glad not to have to
pull it apart again! - I have advised him to go with AS2 or 3.
Thanks again. :)
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