Help with Bios for Biostar TForce 550 chipset

By mopo14
Jan 8, 2007
  1. I read this and few other articles and decided to try OCing my 4200 x2 CPU a little.

    Lowered the multiplier to 4X, increased CPU clock to 232 mhz and got a nice OC of 2552 mhz compared to the stock 2200 mhz. After a few hours though got a blue screen, memory dump, etc. Should have read in more detail but didn't. Anyway, now I lowered my clock to 225 and the processor is running at 2475 mhz.

    I don't want to change any voltages, just looking for an overclock of up to 20% if possible. I wonder if anyone knows how to change the CPU/memory ratio. I'm running 2 X 1 gb of PC4200-533 DDR2 and at 233 mhz the CPU-z tool showed the memory was at ~ 284 mhz, a little over the 266 mhz rating. If I could use a 6:5 ratio, I'll be able to bring it down to 236 mhz and potential avoid the crash. Problem is, I cannot find any option in the OC menu that lets you play with the CPU/memory ratio. So if anyone has experience with this type of motherboard and can offer some advice, it will be greatly appreciated!
  2. raybay

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    At that level, you need to have very, very good memory and a top flight video card.
    The BIOSTAR TForce 550 is not the best at overclocking to that level, either.
    But it will be a good learning experience.
    Please pass on what you learn that makes us all smarter.
  3. mopo14

    mopo14 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That's what I am afraid of - perhaps the chipset is not easily OCed. I think I looked pretty thoroughly in the bios for something resembling a CPU/memory ratio but to no avail. My video is mid-range, GF 7900GS @525/1550 which overclocked about 10% through the "detect optimal settings" option in the Nvidia control panel. When my processor ran at 2.5 ghz, I was able to pass the 6000 mark on PC mark 05, not sure if that's a decent score for this configuration or not but it's probably within a few % of the maximum I could have achieved with this hardware.
  4. mopo14

    mopo14 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oops, I think I might have burned it. I chose one of the automatic overclocking settings in the BIOS, booted normally, temperatures were ok, set it to run PC Mark 05 and at some point I got a black screen, didn't hear any beeps, etc.
    When I reboot now, only the fans of the mobo, cpu, etc. are spinnig but you don't hear any BIOS beeps.
    Has anyone had experience with this motherboard and been able to reset the BIOS with the CMOS jumper? Please help!!!
    I'll take it to diagnostics somewhere but may end up buying a new cpu/mobo.
    Silly me...
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