Help With Hijacked computer! please

By Deadphishy
Sep 8, 2009
  1. Ok, I have a Vista Machine that has some kind of DNS redirect or hijack virus/malware.

    I have the typical redirect to ad pages during google search
    I can not run AVG virus scan.
    I can not run Malwarebytes
    Avant finds nothing
    It will delete known Antivirus Downloads if i don't rename the file

  2. Deadphishy

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    I don't want anyone to get anything from my attachment but it won't let me post just the raw text because of the links
  3. Bobbye

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    Try resetting the router:
    DNS Changer
    You will need to reset your router.
    Start> Run> type cmd> enter> at the C prompt type ipconfig /flushdns (note space before the /)

    Exit the Command prompt when finished and shut the system down.-

    • [1]. Shut down your computer, and any other computer connected to your router.
      [2]. On the back of the router, there should be a small hole or button labelled RESET. Using a bent paper clip or similar item, hold that in continuously for twenty seconds.
      [3]. Unplug the router. Wait sixty seconds.
      [4].Now holding again the reset button, plug it back in. Continue holding the reset button for twenty seconds. Unplug the router again.
      [5].With the router unplugged, start your computer.
      [6].Connect to the router again. The turn the router back on.
      [7].When it stabilizes, reboot your workstation and try to access the internet. If you have any issues, access the Router configuration page and re-enter your authentication information.
      [8]. Reboot the system and test the internet. You may have to reconfigure the router settings based on your setup.
    NOTE: this is not malware help. You are still going to need to run the programs. Is there any particular reason you are thinking 'DNS' rather than just a 'redirect'? You are giving mixed symptoms.
  4. pomkon

    pomkon TS Rookie Posts: 27

    What do you mean by DNS redirect??
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