help with HJT log

By ddmid
Oct 30, 2006
  1. I attempted to follow the various directions in the numerous links about this.

    My computer is still very slow, and I'd like to know if I'm still infected after running all this malware removal stuff.

    Thanks much,
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Your HJT log is clean.

    However, the reason I think your system is slow, is due to your McAfee antivirus programme. Just look how many McAfee entries there are in your HJT log.

    I suggest you consider getting rid of that resource hogging crap and getting something a little kinder to your systems resources.

    Take a look at this thread HERE for alternative antivirus and firewall software. It`s listed near the top of the page.

    Download whichever antivirus and firewall you chose and disconnect from the net.

    Uninstall McAfee and reboot your system. Once your sure McAfee is completely uninstalled, do the following.

    Install whichever firewall you chose, followed by whichever antivirus programme you chose and reboot your system the required number of times. Reconnect to the net and run the antivirus updates.

    Download the CCleaner programme from HERE. Install it and follow the instructions for it`s use in the Trojan Pakes thread(link above)

    Then run a defrag on your hard drive and see if your system is faster.

    Let me know the results please.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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