Help with home network?

By Jessika83
Apr 2, 2010
  1. Hi all,

    Any help would be much appreciated with this - We have 3 computers in our house, one old desktop running windows xp which is set up to be the host computer for our wireless network. One laptop, again quite old running windows xp with a wireless connection and one newish laptop running windows vista premium with a wireless connection.
    For some reason and after changing nothing at all, the desktop pc cannot connect to the internet at all and after troubleshooting, finds a network cable unplugged although it isn't. The Laptop with xp now can connect to the internet, but none of the browsers appear to connect and no webpages can connect. The Vista laptop is completely fine, can connect to the internet with no problems and luckily I'm using it to write this plea for help!
    I'm not really a particularly technical computer user and besides doing all of the usual very basic troubleshooting, I have no idea what else to try! I've tried restarting both the computers and the router, I've disconnected all cables from the router and connected them again, I've gone through numerous pages of troubleshooting help checking things like domains vs workplace but nothing I do seems to help?
    Any ideas anyone?
  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    Try connecting the host computer to the internet router with a 'Crossover cable' it looks the same as a normal 'CAT5' cable but two of the wires inside cross over -thus the name- this should allow the router to register the gateway a bit clearer. :)
  3. jobeard

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    sounds like the DNS settings are fouled.

    get a command prompt by clicking RUN and enter
    and note the trailing DOT
    you should get back something like
    then on each failing system (using the command prompt window) also get this
    ipconfig /all >systemA.tcp.txt​
    and change the A to B on the other one.

    follow-up and attach those two files which you can find in your profile area, eg
    XP: \Documents & Settings\YourLogin\systemA.tcp.txt
    vista or win/7: \users\YourLogin\systemA.tcp.txt
  4. tipstir

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    Shutdown everything you got and turn them off also.
    Turn off the router and modem.
    Everything should be off.
    Now turn on the modem then the router
    Wait 60 seconds
    Now turn on the PC that was giving issues with connections
    Test that PC out by opening the web browser and connect to this site.
    If that works then continue to the next system that didn't connect
    If you still can't connect, then you need to un-install the drivers for your network card, then reboot your system. Windows will re-install a fresh drivers and that should fix the issue. Repeat the process for the other system that's giving you issues.
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