Help With HyperTransport

By james_k1988
Oct 14, 2005
  1. I recently got a new system and its specs are as follows:

    AMD 64 3200+
    XP pro
    1geg ram
    Radeon HIM x800le
    MSI RS480M2-IL ATI XPRESS 200 Micro ATX
    2 HDD's (160g,80g IDE)

    Now i dont really know how this hypertransport works but i know it makes teh processor go faster :blush: Now the mobo i have is supposed 2 support up to 1000mhz Hypertransport but According to Everest and AMD CPu its only at 800mhz

    everest :
    Motherboard Properties:
    Motherboard ID 07/21/2005-RS480-SB400-6A666M4DC-00
    Motherboard Name MSI RS480M2/RX480M2 (MS-7093)

    Front Side Bus Properties:
    Bus Type AMD Hammer
    Real Clock 200 MHz
    Effective Clock 200 MHz
    HyperTransport Clock 800 MHz

    Memory Bus Properties:
    Bus Type DDR SDRAM
    Bus Width 64-bit
    Real Clock 166 MHz (DDR)
    Effective Clock 332 MHz
    Bandwidth 2653 MB/s

    an AMD CPU says

    How would i go bout gettings this up to 1000mhz? cause ino the mobo can handle it. I have all the drivers (although i shall be reinstalling them to resolve a problem) but cant see anything in the BIOS either. Unless i overlooked it. Ne advice on this one? :suspiciou
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