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Apr 3, 2007
  1. Hi all;
    I am not sure if its the right place to post,but I hope so.

    I have a Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D with profiler and all drivers.The joystick installs well and it works perfectly from the windows calibration.All keys works from min to max and also the centre is right.I played NFS carbon and it works well with this joystick.But when configuring the Joystick in BF2, it doesnt work.I mean for the front and back movement its detects Joy Axis 2,but also shows the same for right to left and hence shows an error.Any one has any idea why it happens?I also have a logitech Wireless key board and mouse.Could there be interference?Or is it a limitation with BF2?

    Plz help and thanks.
  2. igbuk

    igbuk Banned

    Hi, I use the same Joystick in BF2 not a problem for me, Why not try resettings the settings in BF2 and trying again, if you have already done so i would say there is a prob with the joystick or BF2, to get around the problem try using the joystick on another pc with BF2 installed (if you can)

    My stick works fine when putting in on to work with the chopper mode, be sure to keep every thing else still and move it slow.

    Any more probs post back!

  3. RAMBO29

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    HI thnx for replying.
    I dnt think is prblm with joystick becos it works well in Windows crontroller and in NFS carbon.It cud be a prblm with BF2 I think.

    Which version of BF2 are u running?And do u have any special software like Logitech profiler etc?And if possible can u tell how are the settings configured in BF2?I just gor it 2 days before.I tried all things I know like resetting controls etc.But doesnt help.It doesnt recognise when the joystick is turned from Left to Right.It still shows Joy axis 2.Is this same for you?

    Thnx again.
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