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Jan 12, 2005
  1. HI there,

    Someone suggest to me to find a site like this for some help, so hopefully some one can help me ;)

    I currently using my hubby computer as my computer is not working cause of the above. Ok I will start from the beginning:

    I have a ASUS mother board P4S533-VM, which has two slots for rams (one is 0/1 and two is 2/3) I got the computer in 2003 all pre-made from the shops, the computer came already with a Star Ram 256, in slot 0/1.

    Got the sims 2 but the game is slow knew it was the ram so wanting one for a while. A friend suggest I try his 512 ram first to make sure that was the issue with the game. He ram was to the mother board requirements so cool.

    He comes around pop the ram into slot 2/3 and it works fine, no problems and the game is soo fast I was impressed.

    So he take out his ram, and we put the computer back on and nothing. When you start my computer the monitor comes up with "no signal" until you start the computer and then it goes away and then windows starts. This time the "no signal" comes up we start the computer it goes away and comes back and the computer does nothing.

    We had no idea why it was doing this and check the Star ram but it was fine as we never touch it. After scatching out heads we decided to put the Star ram into the other slot and low and behold it works fine.

    SO I decided to go and get some 512 ram and look at my mother board book and they suggest a Nanya but only a 256ram but they dont suggest ant 512 ram and the website was no help.

    I get the ram and pop it into the empty slot which is now 0/1 and it does not work the same problem as before (the no signal thing) so swap rams around same problem, only put one ram in different slots and the same problem.

    I have no idea whats going or what I need to do so if anyone has any idea please let me know.

    Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post wanted to give you as much info as possible.

    Cheers! :D
  2. ManyVoicesOfMe

    ManyVoicesOfMe TS Rookie Posts: 29

    Did you shut off and unplug the powersupply before inserting and removing the RAM?
  3. aussiegirl77

    aussiegirl77 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah we did (i'm maybe blonde but not that blonde) ;)
  4. Talon0226

    Talon0226 TS Rookie

    some help

    Hello! We have had problems with this board not working before. You can try a couple of things, reset the CMOS by the jumper, clean the contacts on the ram with an eraser. This board isn't the best. I assume you don't have other parts to try like a different mobo or another CPU that is compatible. Try removing all extra devices as well then boot it again. Last resort is power supply but I doubt that may be it. I hope this leads you on the right path!
  5. aussiegirl77

    aussiegirl77 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Talon, having no idea what any of that stuff is :blush: I decided to ring my aunty who good at that stuff and she mention what you said too.

    So I'm going to drop it off over her place on the weekend and hopefully she can fix it.

    Thanks for you help anyway.

    Cheers! :D
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