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Help with new case and mobo!!! Complicated!!!

By mokaboy
Jun 18, 2006
  1. hi i need some real help

    i changed a case for my mate to an older but BETTER CONDITION case :) did have a P2 mobo etc init.

    I changed everything over including psu etc as his system is a AMD ATHLON XP.

    Im just not sure whats happenin as when you have to add the tiny little cables to the motherboard such as the power button, led's, reset buttons etc. (dnt kno what ther called something like front panel cables or sumink)

    Anyway im not sure where each of these go so i was hoping that if i told you what cables i have then link u too the mobos manual online you may be able to give me a hand.

    ok the cables i have are

    HDD LED (2hole)
    POWER SW (2hole)
    POWER LED (3hole)
    RESET SW (2hole)
    SPEAKER (4hole but i know where this goes)

    i tried the power button one in most of the sockets and one of them allowed the system to start up for about half a second. The fans moved for about half a second once i pressed the button.

    ok and the manual on the net is here


    Please i need help asap, what could it be?

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