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Oct 12, 2008
  1. Hi all I just got a gig upgrading the software on a few Point of Sale machines at a local retail store. Problem is I never even touched one of those machines. I know that they are just basically PC's but does anyone have experience upgrading/installing software on POS machines? Does the thing have a CD drive or a USB port? Thanks mucho in advance!!!

  2. gguerra

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    I have plenty of experience with POS machines but you offer no information that could help me in answering your questions. We obviously have no idea what kind of machines you are talking about. There are many.
  3. fastco

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    Well thanks for replying. Here is the info from the email I just got today.
    Re-imaging of all NCR XP registers
    Dropping Service pack 3 into the backup domain controller
    Load an Altiris software DVD into the backup domain controller.
    Re-image cash registers using a diskette and DVD

    Sound easy enough. I just have to run a SP3 dvd from the server to update all the POS systems, as far as I know. I don't have any experience with POS at all. As far as the re-image goes, the instructions say to call the project technicians and they will guide me through the download and re-imaging. Curious if the re-imaging is done at each POS computer or from the server? Thanks for any guidance you can give me!! I appreciate it!
  4. kimsland

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    It's done at each POS
    I've also had lots of experience on POS

    You made need a tech onsite to fully set one up (with your software discs, and possible updates to the retail side). Then fully image, as stated
  5. fastco

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    Thanks Kim....I have a detailed set of instructions from Border's book store where the work will be completed. The instructions say to call the Tech Support number and they will walk me through the re-imaging. I guess they regularly outsource POS work. I am just starting to read about it. I found a site called where you can sign up, take some certification tests online and they will give you work based on your knowledge and certifications. Most of it looks like POS work. I will definitely give it a shot.
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