help with video card/motherboard combo

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I'm going to upgrade my system and i want to keep some of my older parts (till i can get more money anyway). I have a AMD athlon xp 2000+, my motherboard is a ECS L7VMM (el cheapo), i have 512mb of 266 ddr sdram, and a nvidia 440 mmx ( i would like to say that i have played halo, far cry and quite a few other games without any frame skipping ect. i've been really impressed at what this little card has done so far). Now i want to change the video card to a nvidia 6600 ultra but i have no idea what kind of board to get. As you can see my last choice wasn't very good so any idea's? AGP or PCIe ? ect. Thanks


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So you want a suggestion for a motherboard, cpu(are you changing cpu)?, and video card?

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, so I'll cover several possibilities.

Umm, afaik, there's no 6600ultra. There's a 6600gt, and a 6800ultra, which could be what you mean.
If you just want to get a new card, here's one that's a good price(assuming you're in the us).

If you want a new board/cpu/and video, then
Motherboard, Chaintech vnf4/ultra
Cpu amd 939 3000+ venice retail
Video, 6600gt pci-e, OR, 6800ultra pci-e(whichever you wanted).
Total Usd: $410-733

If you did want the 6800 ultra, consider the new 7800gtx too, it's $100 more and it's a lot faster.

If you want to just get a new motherboard and video, then you're stuck with socket a boards, and I don't think you can get a pci-e sct. A board, so you'd get an agp one, but that'd be about the same as what you have, just newer.
oops sorry about that, i did mean the 6800 ultra. I'm still uncertain about the 7800 since as far as i can tell it's mainly just tweeks. I'm keeping the cpu i have. Later i may upgrade but for now i think i will keep it. I went ahead and looked at the link for the 6600's and i may go that route, my bigest problem is the board i have only has agp 1x and 2x. Since the system i have now works very efficently i'm looking for a good mb/graphics card combo that will accept that cpu.


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Hey, I have possibly good news, I looked up your board, and it supports agp 4x. That means any agp 8x/4x compatible card should work with it. So you could get a 6600gt agp, or a 6800 ultra agp, and it should work fine, and you wouldn't have to replace the motherboard.
6600gt agp.
6800ultra agp

Agp 4x wouldn't be significantly slower than agp 8x, it seems that cards hardly use the bandwidth of agp 4x, so 4x wouldn't be a terrible bottleneck.

You could upgrade your board too, if you feel you need agp 8x, it shouldn't make much difference though. A new board should be about $60-80 for a decent board.
Thanks for the info. I had gone to the MB manufactures site but didn't see anything about 4x. That will save me a lot of time, now to look up the diffrence between ultra and gt :D
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