Hey there Mr. RealBlackStuff - still using Extendia?

By macx
Oct 26, 2005
  1. I'm soon to fire up my new system w/XP, and after a
    recent experience, do NOT want any further problems!

    I saw in one of the posts that came up while doing a
    search that you swore by Extendia Pro - still using it?

    Just want to get the best I can get.


    BTW - a person can run 2 anti spyware apps, right?

    I looked on that big review and saw 2 that seemed to
    be about the best - just out of curiosity, what do YOU use?

    Last item - I've got a physical firewall (router) -
    should I still install a software firewall?

    (always fishing for better info)
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    That Extendia package was real good, but unless you have a powerful CPU, it's quite a drain on your system.
    The reason I did not renew it, is that they do not update the software itself, only the virus-definitions. What Extendia really is, is 2-years ago's twin-engines in last year's bodywork and this year's tires.
    I switched over to AVG free and am very happy with it.
    All PCs at home now run with free AVG, and no problems whatsoever (but then, I 'trained' my family well!).
    Even with a router/FW in place, I still have software firewalls on each PC, because a hardware FW cannot decide which outgoing app is malicious or not!
    I use (bought) Agnitum Outpost Pro on my own PC (because I sometimes go to places where no-one has gone before..) and the rest run with free Sygate Personal FW.
    As long as Symantec (who bought Sygate) do not turn Sygate into crippleware, like they do with anything else they get their dirty mitts on, I'll stay with it.

    You can run two AVs, but if the one is good enough (such as AVG), there's no need to install another one. They might turn into 2 dogs fighting over 1 bone!
    If you insist on paying for one, go get Kaspersky from www.kav.ch
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