Hi, I get a BSoD everytime I start the computer

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Jul 14, 2010
  1. Ok, I was trying to install Teamviewer on my pc as well as downloading a torrent, all of a sudden AVG pops up a notice that it a malware was detected and it gave me the option to Quarantine or ignore. I quarantined the error, than another one popped up claiming that it had been cleaned and I needed to restart my computer. As I am going to close my browsers, another message from AVG that it found something else and than it prompted me to save my work! So I closed out the other browsers, and the computer started to shut down. It started to come back up and then I got the BSoD. So I waited a few minutes and then restarted it again, and got the same thing. I than started to note the error code for BSoD and it has been the same exact thing every time. The error code is as follows -
    0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x8ACA7984, 0xF78CE8B4, 0xF78CE5B0).
    I know this not a lot of information, I wish I could give you guys more information but it will not let me boot my computer. I wish I remembered what the malware was but my brain is fried with all this. I hope it was not teamviewer that caused any issues!! I have done what my non-techie brain can figure out from other posts that I have read on this board such as to boot in safe mode, safe mode with networking, with command, and every option that I get when I press F8 but I get nothing.
    After trying all those options for about an hour, I tried to boot from my XP Reinstall CD, but it will not let me do that, either. It goes through its system checks and than it keeps asking me for an Admin password though one was never set up on the machine. I went into the system setup and reset the password and I tried to reboot off the CD and it still failed. I have even tried to repair the utility on the CD but it will not get anywhere. I tried to search for my error message and I only got this site, so I thought I would put my issue here and hopefully someone can help me out! Please let me know if that helps, I appreciate your help in advance, I hope someone can help me get my PC back!!!
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    There is a very good chance you are still infected. Our best suggestion is for you to go to our Virus and Malware Removal forum, read the UPDATED 8 Step sticky, follow it as given, and then when you are finished post on that forum with the required logs.
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    Route44, I can't follow any of those steps

    I really wish I could, but my computer will not even get to the desktop. It gives me a BSoD before that and no matter what I do, I am just stuck in that circle. When I tried to login today it gave me a different error code. Here it is, hope it helps.
    0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 08ABF9984, 0xBA4F78B4, OxBA4F75B0). Once again thanks for the help, I appreciate it!
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    This sounds exactly what my sister has experienced due to a deep, serious infection. No matter what I instructed she just could not make a go of it (this was via phone calls because she lives a state away).

    You could try "slaving" your harddrive in another system and access your harddrive that way and run virus scans, anitspyware and malware scans, harddrive diagnostics, etc.

    If you have a friend or an associate with working tech knowledge perhaps they would be willing to do it. Just let them know of the possibility of a serious infection along with your symptoms.
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    My question is that I already had AVG running on the machine as well as McAfee, so how could I get a virus. Second, is there a particular antivirus that I should look to purchase that would help because the 2 I had running did nothing except notify me that there was something there. Thanks.
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    AVG use to be an excellent product but there were serious issues with version 8 and from the experiences I have read from others with version 9 it missess too much. My sister had AVG 9 free. McAfee is worse. As to why you got infected could be to any number of reasons. By the way, I wouldn't be suprised that AVG and McAfee conflicted because the rule is ONE antivirus, ONE Amtispyware/malware and ONE firewall in real time protection.

    The #1 defense is our internet habits closely followed by a router and then security software.

    Many of us here prefer the layered method of protection as opposed to one suit.

    For example I have a router, NOD32 version 4 antivirus, SuperantiSpyware, and Online Armor firewall -- layered. Since it is my main rig these are all $ versions and I find it money well spent.

    Excellent free antivirus: Avast, Avira.

    Excellent and free versions: Superantispyware and Malwarebytes.
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