Hi trying to install geforce graphics card but no disk


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hi peeps how do i install my geforce 9500 gt graphics card bear in mind i dont have install disk ? thankyou :)


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Normally i would google the page for drivers for the card, download them depending on OS. Uninstall all old grafix card drivers from previous card. Shut down PC. Install new Geforce card. Start up, when prompted, browse for drivers or run the setup program for the new drivers and let it run its course. Should work!

Good luck!


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As above.

  1. Download the latest drivers for your OS and card from www.nvidia.com first.
  2. Then un-install any current drivers for your current graphics card (this step is important!)
  3. Turn off your computer
  4. Install new graphic card
  5. Turn on computer, and run the installer you downloaded in the first step.
  6. Reboot your computer
  7. Enjoy your new graphics card.